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Electrical works and process automation

Control Engineering Company is offering complete solutions for electrical installation and automation of processes in industry and water management. Electrical installation consist of high quality equipment and materials approved by authorized Croatian institutions and in accordance with relevant standards. For the finished product and all embedded elements we issue a test certificate and a certificate of conformity. With tailor made solutions designed according to tech. specs. provided by our customers, we enable:

  • supervision and control over measuring and control equipment such as pumps, valves, flow meters, pressure transmitters, hidrostatic level probes....) locally and/or remotely, manually and/or automatically driven by PLCs.
  • readings of all measuring signals and alarms locally on LCDs or remotely using radio links, GPRS and SMS communications, broadband wireless connections, optics, etc.

Our portfolio includes electrical cabinets, earthings, lightning conductors and equipotential bonding of metal masses.

Our solutions include:

  • Production of electrical cabinets/installation with electrical power and control blocks, cables and switchgear
  • Measuring, control and signaling equipment
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Complete system documentation
  • Pictures