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LogControl is an integrated system for collection and analysis of data from a dislocated measuring devices via GSM/GPRS network. System uses Oracle platform, and user access is enabled through a web browser. Application solution is applicable as a standalone solution, and there is a possibility of integration with existing SCADA applications.

Data collection is done by wireless data transmission over packet switched GPRS network and/or over  a GSM network and SMS in case GPRS service is not available. Data when GPRS transmission is in use is fully protected throughout the transmission path of the measuring device via the mobile operator's infrastructure to our corporate network using a special access point (APN), through additional SIM authentication and IPsec protocols that have so-called. "Tunneling" within internet link. Between Control Engineering Company Infrastructure with LogControl server infrastructure and mobile operators infrastructure a high bandwidth data link is secured providing required quality of service and speed of data transmission. "LAN-to-LAN" IPsec VPN data network is established where IPsec protocol guarantees the security/confidentiality of data.

At user's request, our solution can be implemented on its own infrastructure. Also, there are no restrictions on the use of public GPRS services of any preferred mobile operator in the country or abroad.

For business solution LogControl Control Engineering Company has been certified "Solution Partner" by mobile operator Croatian Telecom Inc.

Using LogControl application server comprises:

  • An approach based on different user rights (administrator, user, guest, ...)
  • Ability to access data from any computer that has Internet access,
  • Interactive map showing the location and technical information about the dislocated measurement devices
  • Processing of data on water consumption and pressure in real time or through statistical forms
  • Advanced analysis of losses in meter groups (reading groups, losses and collective consumption)
  •  Text or graphic display (html/ flash) by the user
  •  Alarm management and reporting via e-mail and text messages
  • Management of all system elements and parameters depending on time and/or load
  • Export data in CSV format for further processing in other applications (billing, data import into other SCADA systems)
  • Pictures