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EverBlu solutions allow its customers to access information from gauges (be it on the gauges for water, gas or electricity) in real time and generate reports with alarms in case of detection of any leaks. Systems that manage the water flow are offered on the basis of the consumption curve of each hour and for each user in the system. EverBlu solutions that comprise the entire infrastructure (devices with integrated radio modules, radio communication network with connection points for the coverage of consumption, GPRS communication with the service provider, as well as complete software solution for monitoring and optimizing the system) provide complete monitoring, optimizing and management of water consumption. In systems where fixed wireless infrastructure is not possible, a mobile wireless system remote reading by GPRS connection is used to send information to dispatch center.

EverBlu system is flexible, modular and uses the M-Bus standard, so that it can monitor all systems whose equipment supports this standard.

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