Ivana Žorža 39, 51000, Rijeka Tel: 051/255-111 / Fax: 051/254-925 info@control.hr

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Control Engineering Company is a member of the "H2O" group consisting of Lambda Group, Vodopromet, Kaliopa and Andotehna. The goal of cooperation between H2O group of companies is offering a complete range of services and equipment for cost optimization, automation, control and management in water supply and waste water systems.

Control Engineering Company is a T-Mobile "Solution Partner". The partnership has been achieved on the basis of our solution "LogControl" to collect and analyze data from a dislocated measuring devices via a GSM/GPRS network, where T-Mobile provide communication infrastructure.


Control Engineering Company is a system integrator for applications developed in Lookout software tool National Instruments, Within Lookout solution we design and develop SCADA applications for a variety of supervisory and control systems.

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