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Control Engineering Company

We have over 20 years of experience in the design, development and maintenance of radio communication systems within Government & Public Safety. We offer modern solutions in the field of electricity, process automation, and communications systems for remote monitoring of water supply and water waste management, within oil & gass industry etc...

We use cutting-edge tools (software-based solutions and applications such as National Instruments Lookout, Autocad, EPLAN, EDX SignalPro etc.) and professional equipment from world renowned manufacturers such as Motorola, Tait, Inventia, Aplisens, Calamp, Itron, that we officially represent and distribute in the Republic of Croatia and wider region.

Control Engineering Company has expertise in these areas:


Electromotive plants

  • water pumping station
  • sewage pumping stations
  • filter plant
  • water tanks
  • surface and subsurface instrumentation and control nodes
  • measuring stations for various national metrological institutions

Process automation

  • local automation
  • Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs
  • measurement and regulation systems
  • supervisory control centers

Supervisory control and data acquisition systems

  • telemetry systems
  • process control in water supply systems, waste water systems, electric current and gas distribution systems and watering systems
  • process control in industry
  • centrally controlled systems – dispatch centers, remote sites
  • measurement and regulation systems
  • technical security systems

Radio communications

  • mobile radio systems
  • trunking systems, DMR systems, TETRA
  • maritime radio communications
  • radio communications used in telemetry
  • microwave radio-relay systems
  • radio and television broadcasting systems
software tools that enable simultaneous analysis of more than 1000 points of radio transceivers, calculate field strength for any location and calculate the footprint of each transmitter are used to prepare project documentation for each specific system. It is possible to calculate interference to  radio connections which is very important in terms of selecting the operating frequency. Projects done by Control Engineering Company comply with all applicable internationally accepted regulations, and meets the highest standards. Digital maps of the area used in calculations allow more accurate analysis. There are many different ways of presenting the results: 2D or 3D study of area coverage, representation of the distribution field strength, etc.
Projecting, development, implementation, maintenance and training
  • electrical installations and automation
  • measuring and control systems
  • process automation
  • dispatch centers and peripheries
  • telecommunications systems
  • radio communication systems
  • radio and television broadcasting systems
Control Engineering Company employees mastered modern software tools for application development system to use remote monitoring and control (SCADA). We use object-oriented and process driven latest generation development tools designed to work in a graphical environment (GUI OS). The same tools allow us to create most demanding applications for remote monitoring and management with superior accuracy and reliability. The graphical user interface can be fully customized by user requirements without compromising its functionality and accuracy. Control Engineering Company developed, built and put into operation a variety of remote control systems in the country and abroad (including about 25 dispatch centers and subcenters with more than 300 remote locations). All systems are built with applications accompanied by the detailed project documentation and user manuals.